EmployerOne Survey Observations – 2020

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EmployerOne Survey Observations – 2020

The EmployerOne Survey was conducted for the sixth time in January 2020 in the four county region, which includes the counties of Bruce, Grey, Huron, and Perth. In total, 421 businesses responded to the survey; 341 businesses completed all questions and 80 businesses completed some of the questions in the survey. These business respondents continue to provide valuable insights into changes in the local labour market.

The ongoing importance of EmployerOne is the survey’s ability to collect and summarize timely demand-side data directly from employers. This information is crucial to local organizations engaged in workforce attraction and retention strategies, strategic planning, and other community projects requiring up-to-date labour market data. In a small labour market, these type of data can be challenging to acquire, and EmployerOne has filled this need for six years. After relatively consistent results over the past several years, the Planning Board has decided not to undertake this project again in 2021. We will continue to consult with employers and understand their experiences through different outreach projects focusing on retention strategies, precarious employment, and youth outreach. The success of local businesses rests partly on understanding how we can continue to keep employees long-term and assist individuals of all ages, and their families, to thrive in our communities.

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Local Lenses by County

Below you will find links to the Local Lenses by County. These reports are specific to the individual regions of Bruce County, Grey County, Huron County and Perth County.

In these reports:

  • Top Recruitment Methods
  • Top Retention Methods
  • Hard-To-Fill Jobs
  • Skills Shortage
  • In-Demand Jobs
  • In-Demand Technical Skills
  • In-Demand Workplace Competencies

Local Lenses by Sector

Below you will find links to the Local Lenses by Sector. These reports are specific to the different employment sectors found within our region. These sectors include Agriculture, Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail Trade and Tourism.

In these reports:

  • Economic Profiles
  • Workforce Breakdown
  • Top 3 Methods of Recruitment
  • Hiring Dynamics
  • Retention Dynamics
  • Training Barriers
  • Skills Shortages
  • Hard-to-fill Positions