Playing a leadership role in the development of innovative labour market strategies

The Board accomplishes its mandate by working collaboratively with business, workforce and community organizations to plan and initiate projects and programs that address the specific needs of workforce development in Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth counties.

We’re here for you by providing reliable local labour market insights…


Reliable localized labour market information equips our community partners with an accurate reflection of existing market conditions so they can respond with meaningful and purposeful economic and education planning at the grass roots level.

Awareness & Career Planning

Encouraging awareness of market trends, career paths, employment options and opportunities in the local community to attract and retain our local workforce. 

Labour Market Data

Navigating labour market supply and demand among regions, occupations and industries is complex.  We make it easy by providing data on job trends, population changes, employment rates and more.

Workforce Development

By tracking workforce indicators and identifying current and emerging workforce trends we provide our community partners with relevant local data to build and coordinate appropriate responses.

Employer One Survey

The EmployerOne Survey is a bi-annual project.  The ongoing importance of the EmployerOne Survey is to collect and summarize local workforce data directly from employers.   This information is crucial to local organizations engaged in workforce attraction and retention strategies, strategic planning, and other community projects requiring local labour market data.    In a rural labour market, this type of data can be challenging to acquire.  The EmployerOne continues to fill this need for many local stakeholders.

Resources that Rock!

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connect2JOBS is a local labour market platform for Bruce, Grey, Huron, and Perth counties.   It supports job seekers, employers and local stakeholders with job demand and career planning tools.

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The Community Hub is a portal featuring career videos and learning labs to help you determine a good fit for skills, jobs and training throughout Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth counties.

Featured Reports


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