Understanding Supply and Demand Through connect2JOBS.ca

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Understanding Supply and Demand Through connect2JOBS.ca

connect2JOBS.ca is an aggregator that pulls job vacancies in the region into one place so that local job seekers only have to visit one instead of multiple websites to find employment opportunities throughout the four county region. Since its launch in June 2020, connect2JOBS has been collecting data about the job market in the region. The Planning Board releases monthly Job Demand Reports and Job Search Reports to provide employers and community stakeholders with up-to-date and detailed local labour market information. The Understanding Supply and Demand Through connect2JOBS.ca Project has analyzed the data in these reports from April to December 2021 for the purpose of promoting a greater understanding of both the demand and supply sides of the local labour market, and identifying areas where programming will help close the gap between job demand and job supply. It is important to note that some employers do not post their vacancies on job boards, and some job seekers do not look for work online. Nevertheless, the analysis still provides highly relevant information. 

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