Local Labour Market Plan – October 2014

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Local Labour Market Plan – October 2014

Executive Summary

Annually, a Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP) is developed for Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth counties to highlight movement in the local economy. Movement occurs in the expansion, growth or decline of business and is also reflected in the employment and participation rates of the region’s residents. This LLMP will provide a menu of short, medium and long term community driven priorities.

In the 2014 Skills Gap Study, many ideas were generated from the input received through our survey process. Businesses, residents and students were asked to provide their thoughts on what they feel is available for economic prosperity and also what is needed for growth and vitality.

It is disheartening that students still do not see the opportunities that exist in the region for jobs and business start-ups. For the most part employed residents felt good about being in the region, what they are earning and where they work. However, they felt they could use more skills development to do a better job. Employers on the other hand felt good about doing business in the region, although they did have some challenges in finding the more skilled professional and some foundational skills in the available workforce. When employers want to expand their business it is an issue.

As a predominantly rural region it is necessary for us to tackle questions that were raised through the Skills Gap Study. Are we giving youth the skills they need to enter the workforce directly out of high school? Are the youth aware of the opportunities that exist now and in the future? Are employees able to connect to the type of training and the mode of training they need to keep their skills current? Are employers able to tap into the many local services provided so they can connect to the current labour market? And finally, are employers actively sharing information about the skills they seek in their employees and the types of opportunities that are available?

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Solving the Skills Gap October 2014