Progressive Employer Handbook

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Progressive Employer Handbook

Employers…improve your bottom line and the overall operation of you business

….build a more progressive workplace.

The ideas presented can be implemented at little cost to your business, but could save you substantial time and money.

Are you concerned about the changes predicted for the Canadian workforce caused by globalization, an aging population, increasing technology and competition? Do you want to improve your business operations and employee management, but feel you do not have the time, money or other necessary resources?

Preparing for Change

This booklet may help you improve your bottom line and the overall operation of your business by providing:

  • Strategies to decrease the costs of recruitment
  • Ideas to help you find creative ways to retain your current staff
  • Suggestions to increase employee job satisfaction
  • Strategies to improve your reputation as progressive employer and a ‘champion’ to work for
Progressive Employer Handbook Four County Labour Market Planning Board