Local Labour Market Plan – 2021

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Local Labour Market Plan – 2021

The purpose of the Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP) is to identify significant labour market issues in the four county area and set a strategic direction that addresses these issues and puts forth actions that will help improve identified labour market challenges. The outcome of the LLMP and its resulting initiatives is intended to support local residents who are looking for work in the job market, to help employees remain employed, and to assist employers with better access to the labour pool to be competitive in the global market. 


The 2020-2021 LLMP uses both primary and secondary data to provide evidence and information for the community. The various sources that have been used in this document include: 

  • Labour Force Survey data
  • Employment Ontario Program data
  • Canadian Business Count
  • 2011 National Household Survey
  • 2016 Census data
  • Taxfiler data
  • Statistics Canada data files
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