The Place to Find Your Next Job

By June 18, 2020 July 8th, 2020 News, News Release 2020

News Release The Place to Find Your Next Job

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Walkerton, ON (June 18th, 2020) – is a new jobs website that pulls vacancies for the region into one place for easy access. Normally, job seekers have to search several different sites to find local jobs; now with this time saving one-stop-shop, their search is made easy as they look for employment opportunities in Bruce, Grey, Huron, Perth counties.

The Four County Labour Market Planning Board (Planning Board) identified this multi-function website as a key job search necessity for the region. Currently there are hundreds of active job listings and it is updated daily with new postings from 18 national, provincial, and local job boards to make searching for jobs in the four county area easier than ever.

connect2JOBS has three key functions:

Jobs Board: This interactive tool allows users to search, sort, and filter job postings based on criteria including Apprenticeships or Student Jobs. This feature helps users refine their search to meet their needs.

Jobs Map: This mapping tool visualizes where the job postings are in relation to 18 important services in the four county area. For instance, it will help the user find childcare services or transportation routes in relation to the place of employment.

Career Explorer: This research tool simplifies the task of finding information about in-demand jobs by showing detailed career profiles including wages, required skills and paths for career movement for the region’s top in-demand jobs.

“This new aggregate job vacancy website will allow job seekers in the four county region to search for jobs, research careers, and identify top postings in different industries and locations across the four county region,” says Gemma Mendez-Smith, Executive Director of the Planning Board. “The ability to have one centralized tool, instead of the need to search on multiple sites, will make it easier for local job seekers to see what is available and where they would like to apply for work in the desired community.”

The connect2JOBS tool can be accessed at The Planning Board has also created an instructional video that will help users to understand all aspects of the platform. It can be accessed on YouTube: connect2JOBS Instruction Video.

For more information about this platform and how it can be used, please contact Tingting Zhang at