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The Four County Labour Market Planning Board (Planning Board) exists to help build a strong and vibrant workforce from the inside out. We investigate situations, interview stakeholders and initialize activities that create a foundation for appropriate workforce training and education to provide employers with the best skilled workforce possible.

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Who We Are

The Planning Board is a community-based non-profit corporation. In existence since 1997 we operate with volunteer Directors representing business, labour, educators and trainers, women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, aboriginal peoples and youth.

The Planning Board covers the area of Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth counties. The geographic region is largely rural with a population of 292,882. The population is spread fairly evenly over the 14,202 square kilometers of the region. We are one of 26 Workforce Planning Board regions across Ontario that is funded by the Government of Ontario through the Employment Ontario program.

What We Do

Annually, Workforce Planning Boards engage the community in a comprehensive consultative process which identifies, validates and prioritizes key labour market issues, opportunities and priorities that prevail in the local economy. A 12 to 36 month action plan is developed to address priorities by community partners in collaboration with the Planning Board. We deliver a minimum of six core partnerships annually but normally engage in much more.

Getting Involved

Director Roles and Responsibilities

Each Board Director of the Planning Board represents a particular labour market sector or employment group.  Directors provide representation in two ways: (1) by soliciting and presenting their constituency position and issues in Board discussions and (2) by providing their constituency with Board progress reports.



Act in Accordance

Directors of the Planning Board are required to act in accordance with statutory requirements, contractual agreements with all Funders in accordance with the By-laws and Standard Policies.

Gain Appreciation

The process of reaching decision by consensus requires that all Directors listen to and gain an appreciation about the views of other sectors and arrive at corporate decisions that will provide the greatest benefit to all persons in the Board’s designated area.

Attend All Meetings

Directors must attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and cannot authorize a delegate to represent them in their absence from a meeting.

Common Courtesy

If a Director is unable to attend a meeting, he or she must notify the Executive Director or a Co-Chair of his/her intended absence prior to the meeting, whenever possible.

Removal by Decision

Should a Director be absent without excuse for three consecutive meetings, the Board is responsible to act on the absences. A member of the Board ceases to hold office if the person does not participate in three consecutive meetings without just cause and is removed by a decision of the Board of Directors (Corporate By-Laws, 3.5.9 Vacation of Office).

Required Time Commitment Outline

Required time commitment for General Board meetings involves approximately 2 hours per meeting approximately 7-8 meetings per year.  Meetings are typically held via Tele/Web-conference with occasional requests to meet in person.

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If you have questions please contact or call 519-881-2725.