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Playing a leadership role in the development of innovative labour market strategies

The Board accomplishes its mandate by working collaboratively with business, workforce and community organizations to plan and initiate projects and programs that address the specific needs of workforce development in Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth counties.

This service is funded in part by
the Government of Canada and
the Government of Ontario.

Four County Labour Market Planning Board

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Reliable localized labour market information equips our community partners with an accurate reflection of existing market conditions so they can respond with meaningful and purposeful economic and education planning at the grass roots level.

Labour Market

Navigating labour market supply and demand and its allocation among regions, occupations and industries is complex so we make it easy providing the facts on job trends, growth and decline, skills employers are looking for and which industries are hiring.

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By tracking workforce participation, seasonal fluctuations, population patterns and demographics and identifying current and emerging skill needs, our community partners have the relevant information to build and coordinate appropriate responses to labour market issues and needs.

Skills Development

Shaping a more efficient, competitive, and engaged workforce through skills development enhances the worker’s capacity for job promotion, new career prospects and increased labour mobility and the employer’s productivity and competitiveness in their workplace.


Encouraging awareness of market trends, career paths, employment options and opportunities in the local community empowers you to navigate the pathway to success for jobs today and in the future.


Promoting how upskilling of soft and hard skills training that expands your knowledge base and boosts career and performance potential is worth the investment. It also prepares you for the requirements of an evolving future.

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