Four County Labour Market Planning Board

Workforce Focus - 2013

Click on the links below to listen to any of our recorded Workforce Focus Broadcasts from 2013.

Workforce Focus November 26, 2013

Fanshawe College will be on the air to talk about community engagement and training. How these groups work together to build a strong learning environment and help the community succeed.

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Workforce Focus November 12, 2013

Virginia Lambdin is the Administrator of the Technical Training Group (TTG). The TTG has been providing top notch local training by partnering with local schools and employers.

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Workforce Focus October 29, 2013

Alison Lobb is owner of Lobb Entrepreneurship and was a financial management instructor for over 20 years. She currently manages the Huron Small Business Enterprise Centre and is a Small Business Consultant for the County of Huron.  We will be discussing the benefits of self-employment, youth in entrepreneurship and why you should connect with Alison.

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Workforce Focus October 15, 2013

Melissa Schenk owner of MS2 Productions will discuss "The Online Currency of Your Internet Identity and The Power of Video".

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Workforce Focus October 1, 2013

Mary Jane Murray will be talking about the work being done in the community through the delivery of Bridges out of Poverty.

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Workforce Focus September 17, 2013

The Huron Manufacturing Association will share some insights into what manufacturers are looking for in their workforce. The importance of having the right skills and what it takes to succeed in the industry. We will also cover the Apprenticeship Scholarship Program and other key information about the manufacturing sector in Huron County.

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Workforce Focus September 3, 2013

This inteview was cancelled due to technical difficulties. We will try to have Dr. Foot on the show at a future date.  Dr. David Foot is the author of the national number one best seller Boom, Bust & Echo.

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Workforce Focus August 20, 2013

Rose Austin is the General Manager of Saugeen Economic Development Corporation. Rose will discuss how her organization plays an important role in the implementation and maintenance of local initiatives....

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Workforce Focus August 6, 2013

Gregory CN Smith, Personal Power Coach and Author will speak to us about using your personality needs, natural talents and operating system to create success in your job, business and life.

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