Four County Labour Market Planning Board


TOP Report

TOP - Trends Opportunities and Priorities

TOP (Trends, Opportunities and Priorities) is an annual process led by Local Boards to: research the conditions of the local labour market; facilitate community consultations to review/discuss research findings; establish local priorities for labour market development; engage local partners in initiating action plans that respond to priorities of mutual interest.

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Workforce Focus 2010-2011

Each issue of Workforce Focus is a brief synopsis of different topics related to what is happening in our workforce in Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth, with a comparative to Ontario.

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Disappearing Jobs, March 2011
Growth Clusters, January 2011
Profiling a selection of both emerging and established sectors that with targeted investment and economic development, are anticipated to be sources of future employment growth.
Non-Participants in the Labour Force, November 2010
Composition, Age Profile, and Education.
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Sept. 2010
Employment Trend, Forecast and Local Composition High Skill = High Incomes.
Rural Transitions, July 2010
Employment, Demographics and Education.
Healthcare, May 2010
Employment Trend, Labour Pool, Tenure; Composition, Retirements, Diversity.
Creative Class Workers in Huron County - Feb. 2011

Overview, Creative Class occupations, Workforce, By Industries, Opportunities.

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Creative Class Workers in Huron County
February 2011 The creative class has been identified as the key driving force for economic development of post-industrial cities...
Summary Report, Creative Class Workers in Huron County
What is the Creative Class?, Concentrations, By Industry, Commuter Flows, New Possibilities.